Welcome from our Pastor Rev. Msgr. Robert Morris VG

Rev Msgr Robert Morris

Welcome to St. Catherine of Siena Parish. 
We are a Mission Oriented Parish
and through the presentation of this parish website
we can clearly see how our mission is growing and has the potential to grow.

When you review our “Parish Mission Statement” you will notice the first line states that we are a Eucharistic community; this means we are called to gather in communion, to be nourished as a family and then we are sent out as missionaries for Jesus Christ.

What is the mission of your life? I pray that as you grow in this Eucharistic community, you may come to a greater understanding of your own unique mission in the Church. At the time of our Baptism we are filled with the gifts of the Holy Spirit, and these gifts must be exercised or they become dormant and lethargic.
The harvest is great and we are the workers in the vineyard.

Nothing More, Nothing Less and Nothing Else - I ask for your prayers that we, as a faith community, may advance and grow with the boldness of God’s Strength, with the Prudence and Wisdom of the Holy Spirit, and the Healing and Life-giving strength of Christ our Savior. In order to have a healthy body (parish), we need the full and active involvement of each member of the body. We have a great mission before us. We are blessed to have your interest to be part of our mission.