Music Ministry 1

Description: The music ministry consists of the traditional choir with cantors, a contemporary music ensemble, and a youth ensemble.  Members of these ensembles provide music for liturgies and encourage the congregation to sing as part of their praise of God.

Requirements: Love of music, some musical ability, and a desire to praise God through music.  Commitment to attend scheduled rehearsals.

Time Commitment: All ensembles meet for rehearsal for 1 to 2 hours each week.

Helpful Attributes: Vocal or instrumental training is desirable but not required.

Activities: The traditional choir sings at the 11am Sunday Mass; the contemporary ensemble sings at the 9 AM Mass; the youth ensemble sings at the 6 PM Sunday Mass.  All groups may be asked to participate in other church events.

Contact: Cathy Blanchard: 727.531.7721 (Parish Office)