Siena House

As baptized Christians, we are called to go out to the peripheries and encounter Christ.  One of those peripheries is our initiative in Coral Heights.  This page describes our efforts to assist the children and families of Coral Heights.  This is in response to our pastoral priority to connect our faith to the local community. Our newly acquired property, is located at 3718 139th Avenue North, Largo, FL 33771 .

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Siena House
Prayer Time Before Food Distribution
Sr. Rosamunda and Parishoners Distributing Food
 movie night
Movie Night


With the purchase of this house of hope for so many, the needs are quite varied.  From the outreach for food and the gardens and the care and maintenance of the property to realize the dream to foster community with our sisters and brothers in Christ.  The house will become much more than just food for the body.  Our focus is long term and growing.

Below is a list of needs to get this project on its feet.

For Faith Gatherings:

43" or larger wall-mountable flat screen TV

Compatible bracket(s) for mounting on wall


For the Property Gardens:

Wood for raised beds (109 pieces of 2 x 10 x 8 feet; 64 pieces of 2 x 2 x 8 feet)

Potting soil (3-6 yards)

100 yards flexible micro-drip irrigation hose (monetary donation accepted)

1 watering timer

Bricks/stones for edging of garden areas



Coontie plant ... 5 gallon size (10)

Crinmum lilies ... 5 gallon (3)

Sea grapes ... 5 gallon (1)

Rain lily bulbs ... (25)


For work/maintenance on the house and yard:

We are in need of some volunteers to assist a retired contractor who is helping inside the house with various projects and cabinetry.  There is an in-wall air ­conditioner that needs to be removed and the wall repaired.  There is a need for volunteers to load and deliver the mulch (trucks needed).  Volunteers will also be needed to set up the garden areas.  The water pump on the property needs technical assistance.  If you see a need or just would like to help with time or treasure ... WE NEED BOTH!  Please contact us through the parish website at or call the office at 727-531-7721 and speak with with Sister Rosamunda at ext. 104.