Description: Cursillos in Christianity means a short course in Christianity.
It is a retreat-time away from the world; a lesson; a time for discussion; a time for prayer and reflection;
a time to hear about how God works in fellow Christians' lives; a time to get close to God;
and a time to learn about a great method to stay close to God. MOST IMPORTANT, it teaches a Way of Life. 
A Cursillo is an encounter with Christ. That sounds too simple but it is not. Think about it. It is a real meeting with Christ.
If that is understood then the power, beauty and joy of the Cursillo Movement will be understood.

Requirements: Catholic Cursillo is open to baptized Catholics who are invited into the program by a Cursillo Sponsor.

Time Commitment: 1) Weekly Group Reunion 2) Monthly Ultreya 3) Regular Spiritual Direction

Helpful Attributes: Commitment and perseverance with a willingness to be in fellowship with all Christians.


For more information contact:

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Tom Doyle, Lay Director
(English) Deacon David Lesieur   
Spanish Website Rev. Rafael Martos Spiritual, Advisor at St. Clement Parish Phone:  813-759-2721