Are You Aware That…

by the Parish Justice Commission

Earth’s five warmest years on record have been the past five years? Hurricanes, floods, extreme storms, heat emergencies, bitter cold, are occurring at a rate we have never experienced before. Climate scientists tell us that at least some of them are the result of Global Warming caused by human activity. They also tell us that if we don’t act now, weather catastrophes will worsen.  Both Pope Benedict XVI and Pope Francis, and our bishops have been reminding us that as Catholics, we have a responsibility to care for our environment. Are we receptive to these messages?

Solving the problems will require actions of a size that only governments can take but there are small things we can do to help. Over the coming weeks your parish Justice Commission is going to ask you to involve yourself through prayer, study and action to improve our environment. While these steps may seem insignificant, they can impact the life of our globe for future generations.

Courageously Living the Gospel…Your Parish Justice Commission


There is a nobility in the duty to care for creation through little daily actions

– Pope Francis, Laudato Si (211).


A TAKE-AWAY TIP: Be aware of letting water run. Not only can it lead to wasting water, it can lead to higher costs. Cities charge for sewer based on water consumption.