Volunteer Sign Up

St. Catherine of Siena
Food Truck Fair
Saturday, August 28th from 11:00 am – 3:00 pm

Here is what we ask of each ministry: 

  • Commit 3-4 leaders or members from your ministry to serve at the fair. Sign up below!!
  • During the event: Two (2) leaders of the ministry are inside Resurrection/Annunciation Hall. One (1) as a Table Ambassador and One (1) at the designated Ministry Table.
  • During the event: One (1) leader of the ministry is outside at the Ministry Information Booth and/or…
  • Before, during and after the event: One (1) or more members from your ministry will assist with one of our teams (set up, runners, games, clean up, etc.)


As we get ready for the Food Truck Fair, please re-submit your information for your ministry’s participation. 

    Name & where they will be stationed. For example: "Bob Hope, Outside"