Education in a Christ-centered environment.

Catholic education is offered to all our registered parishioners.


For registered members of our parish that actively attend Mass, financial support is provided to those who attend St. Cecilia Catholic Elementary School. This financial aid is available if the “Request for Subsidy” form is completed each January (School Registration Time) and is shared with our Parish Office. Scholarships for CCC are available from a special endowment to active parishioners for financial need and require an application at the time designated in our Parish Bulletin.

St.Cecelia Interparochial School (K-8)

Visit their website 

or call 727-461-1200

Clearwater Central Catholic High School (9th-12th)

Visit their website  

or call 727-531-1449

Morning Star School educates students with special learning needs.

It is located within the Diocese of St. Petersburg, Florida. We encourage all to visit our website and find out more about the Catholic, Christ-Centered education offered for students in grades one through eight.

Call 727-544-6036  or email