Confirmation seals our Baptism and confirms out commitment both to the Church and to the work of Christ in the world.

Youth Confirmation

Confirmation for young people is traditionally celebrated in the Spring of the 8th grade year.
A minimum of two years of formal education prior to celebration of the Sacrament is required.
Both candidates and parents participate in the preparation process.  For a list of the dates click here.


Sherri Briand, at 727-531-7721 or

Adult Confirmation

Adults who wish to celebrate this sacrament should contact the Parish Office to speak with the RCIA Coordinator, Deacon Joe Zucchero at 727-531-7721 .
Further reading on the sacrament of Confirmation:
Understanding the Sacraments A video series on the seven sacraments from the USCCB by Msgr John Zenz.
The History & Development of Confirmation Loyola Press, a Jesuit ministry
For the full information of RCIA, click here.

Requirements for Youth Confirmation:

The sacrament of Confirmation requires two years of preparation in the Diocese of St. Petersburg. Students seeking Confirmation are required to attend Edge (if in middle school) or LifeTeen (if in high school) for one full year prior to the Confirmation year for preparation of the sacrament.  The year the student receives the sacrament of Confirmation, they must attend the Edge/LifeTeen program along with three Saturday morning preparation classes, a two day class, complete service hours, pick a confirmation sponsor and attend confirmation rehearsal.  All requirements are reviewed at a yearly parent meeting and will be provided in paper form to all registered families.