Start date: December 31, 2020 - End date: February 8, 2021

As we celebrate Super Bowl Sunday, may we as Catholics take action against human trafficking.

Like so many large events, the Super Bowl, with its celebrations and parties, is notoriously susceptible to human and sex trafficking. Traffickers lure men, women, and children with false promises of good jobs, education, economic security, and love. Once enticed, traffickers keep their victims from seeking help through means such as confiscating identification documents, threats of violence against the victim or their family, and physical or psychological abuse.


World Day of Prayer, Reflection, and Action Against Human Trafficking

February 8th

The elimination of human trafficking is a priority issue for the Catholic Church. Every life is a gift from God and is sacred, deserving to be protected and nurtured. There are an estimated 40.3 million victims of human trafficking, which is modern-day slavery. We pray that we may work together to remove the causes of this disgraceful scourge that is present in all our cities and neighborhoods. Learn how you can help victims.











Prayer to End Human Trafficking to St. Josephine Bakhita | English / Spanish