Start date: May 1, 2021 - End date: October 2, 2021



Sisters of Our Lady of Kilimanjaro


“For whoever is not against us is for us”  (Mark 9:40).

We live in a world that often emphasizes what separates us and Jesus reminds us that we can find a common purpose even with those who may be of different cultures and religions. During the weekend of September 25th & 26th, Sr. Rosamunda Massawe CDNK is talking at all Masses for our diocesan Missionary Cooperative.

Each year parishes are assigned a missionary religious community or diocese. This year we have been asked to support the missionary efforts of the Sisters of Our Lady of Kilimanjaro. Here in our diocese the sisters work in parishes and nursing homes and Sr. Rosamunda coordinates our ministry at Siena House and in the High Point neighborhood.

Please prayerfully consider supporting their ministry as we have a common purpose to serve the needs of the people in the Diocese of St. Petersburg as well as the people of Tanzania. You can support through prayer as well as giving to our special collection at the parish. You may also give conveniently through our parish Online Giving portal!