• Event Information

  • Date is subject to approval.
  • Time is subject to approval.
  • Staff Liaison Approval

  • This is the name of the staff member that gave the approval to submit the fundraising form. If you do not have the approval of a member of our parish staff, please contact the office (727-531-7721) and discuss your event with them.
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Fundraising Guidelines

  • Bulletin request form is turned in (2) weeks in advance of publishing. Advertising of event can appear twice in the bulletin. Consideration may be given for additional weeks based on space.
  • A Facility Request Form must be filled out prior for use of halls, or outside set-up: table, stand, umbrella, etc.
  • All clean up and restoring of the floor plan is the responsibility of the organization/group.
  • Communicate the results of event, funds raised and a thank you in the parish bulletin.
  • Once form is complete, please bring to the office.
  • Tickets can be sold in the office Monday-Thursday, 8:00-4:00 pm the week prior to event.