In Luke’s Gospel, we read about the coming of the Kingdom of God. The members of that early Christian community are told that this kingdom of God, proclaimed by Jesus, is unique in comparison to “earthly” kingdoms since its arrival will not follow normal paths; no pomp and circumstance. This kingdom of God already  exists in their midst. “For behold, the kingdom of God is among you.” Luke 17:21

By our Baptism, all of us are called to be stewards of this message. It is the task of every Christian to pray and to discern on the ways in which he or she can build “the kingdom”. How each person responds to this challenge will vary depending on one’s gifts and abilities. We need to become more engaged in the work of God’s kingdom in our midst. Everyone can do something. In God, all things are possible.

So as you pray and discern on your active role in assisting this “kingdom” building, consider your gifts, talents, and abilities. May our community grow in greater realization that the kingdom is here, in our midst.

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