What are Lectors?

Readers (Lectors) are liturgical ministers who proclaim the scripture readings at Sunday, Holy Days and daily Masses.  Through prayerful proclamation Readers embody the Sacred Word in a very special way. This requires a number of people to be able to fill this schedule and we are always looking for new people.  It is a most worthwhile ministry and an honor to share the Word of God. Lectors are especially needed at the 7AM and 6PM Masses.

Students ages 10 and above, adults, as well as experienced readers new to St. Catherine of Siena who are interested in this important ministry of the Word.

(1) Certain level of native ability.
(2) Willingness to develop one ‘s skills.
(3) Participation in a reader workshop sponsored by the Diocese or St. Catherines.
(4) Undergo an assessment. An assessment committee will hear the candidate proclaim a reading from scripture and critique and do an assessment of the person’s basic skills in proclaiming the Word.
(5) Candidates who qualify will participate in a training workshop held at St. Catherine to go over procedures.

Time Commitment
Serve at pre-scheduled Masses and attend an annual meeting/workshop to be held at St. Catherine’s and attend periodic workshops.


Aggie Palsha
727.531.7721 (Parish Office)