Welcome to Online Giving at St. Catherine of Siena Church!


We know that Biblical generosity changes lives – ours and the people we are reaching. 

A daily question we encourage each one to ask is, “Do I live with open hands?” 

Through your faithful tithing, our parish continues our mission to help people encounter Christ.

Online Giving is a paperless way to give offertory to St. Catherine of Siena. Not only does this save the church money by sending less offertory envelopes, but is eco-friendly as this requires no paper or ink!

Online Giving is completely customizable, allowing givers to change their giving amount and frequency any time.

How to begin Online Giving…

    1. Click the “Online Giving” button in order to enter the portal.
    2. Once you open the site, select the Watch Help Video link to get you started with registration and an explanation about how to use the site.
    3. Go to “Give a New Gift” and select your one time or recurring gift, such as “Regular Offertory”.

If you have any questions about Online Giving please contact Kate Hargrove in the parish office at (727) 531-7721 or by email at hargrove@scosparish.org.