Pastoral Council at St. Catherine of Siena


Pastoral Council Members

Michelle Hilgart
Lucy Lopez de Garcia
Karen Gras
Barbara Goodrich
Sally Fear
Cindi Chase
Evelyn Rexach
Lyn de Padua
Susanne Gibbia



Recent Meetings

Read Past Meeting Minutes.






What is the Pastoral Council?

The purpose of the Pastoral Council shall be:

Section I
To join with the Pastor in actively supporting the mission of the parish.

Section II
To serve as principal consultants to the Pastor regarding parish needs and goals.

Section III
To serve as a channel for recommendations from the laity of the parish to the Pastor and when necessary the diocesan Bishop.

Section IV
To form a unified voice with the Pastor in speaking to parish needs and directions.

Section V
To assist the Pastor from time to time, in evaluating the life and work of the parish in fulfilling our conformity to Gospel principles and the directives of the Church.

Discernment for potential new members to the Pastoral Council begins in the early Spring each year. 




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