What is a Sacristan?

A Sacristan – Jesus sent His disciples ahead of Him to prepare all things for the Passover Meal for the event of His Last Supper. Like them a sacristan is given the honor of preparing the special place where the memory of that Sacred Meal will be relived. They keep our Easter fires burning, and they prepare the books; they fill our fonts with living waters; and they tend and make ready fragrant oils, heady incense and beautiful vestments. They set out the bread and pour the wine. In short, they make a room that invites the world to come to the table. While all this may be unseen by many it is performed as a source of visible glory and honor to our Lord.

A humble servant heart.

Time Commitment
Two hours per Mass

Helpful Attributes
Attentiveness to surroundings…the presider, those participating in the liturgy and the congregation.

Prepare all that is necessary for the liturgy; see that all the various ministers are present; prepare the environment….lighting, air conditioning, sound. After Mass, wash sacred vessels, purify linens and return all items used for Mass to proper storage; maintain neatness in all ministry areas, turn off all that had been turned on and secure the church building.


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