The Story of Sr. Kathleen Beatty’s Religious Vocation

 Get to Know Sister Kathleen Beatty SSJ, a Sister of Saint Joseph, at St. Catherine of Siena Catholic Church



When and how did you start to discern your religious vocation?

The Sisters of St. Joseph inspired me throughout my grade school and high school years. I was fortunate to get to know them as the convent was across the street from our home. In the 1960’s most students in high school began their discernment process for their futures. Everyone was not running off to college.


What specifically about your religious order (charism, way of life, etc.) was attractive to you while discerning?

The Sisters of St. Joseph have been involved in teaching since their founding in Le Puy , France in 1650. No doubt they had a great influence on my life as I continue to be a teacher here at St. Catherine of Siena. The Sisters in Le Puy taught women lacemaking so that they could have an income. In my sophomore year, a Sister wrote on the board: “On the education of women, largely depends the future of society” ( from a French translation). I quickly wrote it in my notebook! Our Sisters have a history of working directly with people in need and the women of Le Puy were in need. As my journey in life continues as a Sister of St. Joseph, in my 56th year, I am grateful for the inspiration of so many Sisters whose lives have intersected with mine and from whom I continue to be inspired.





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