Remembering Sister Therese Ganly SSJ

by Sister Kathleen Beatty SSJ



Sister Therese Ganly SSJ passed away on August 8th 2021 at the age of 97. In 1983, when St. Catherine of Siena parish was still in its infancy stage, Sister Therese Ganly SSJ left the four seasons of the Philadelphia area to live and work in the sun and warmth of Largo, Florida. For a non-driver, she soon learned her way to the assisted living facilities and hospitals in our area. Sister Therese began the important ministry of weekly visits to the people in those facilities as well as to those who were homebound. On weekends, one could find her teaching the children in Faith Formation classes. In time, Sister began a New Beginnings ministry for people who had lost their spouses. They enjoyed their Sunday afternoon gatherings and special dinners at some local restaurants.


In her later years here, Sister Therese made it a point of calling people on a regular basis to say hello, (her “Ministry of the phone”, pre-Zoom) to let them know they were in her prayers. She began our outreach ministry to those who are homebound, an important ministry which still exists today! She became active in the Life Ministry work of our parish.

As I look at old photos from those years, I notice that the majority of the people who worked with Sister Therese have preceded her to the “other side” of this life. Yet, I know there are still people at St. Catherine of Siena who worked with her in her 19 years of ministry here at our parish.


“May all the angels be there at your welcoming, with all the saints who go before you there.”