As discussed in the Ministry Leaders Phone Meeting on July 25th, we would like to offer some training to assist you in leading your ministry.

Here are the training sessions that we are considering to offer to SCOS Ministry Leaders. We are currently considering offering either or both of these trainings if they are considered useful to ministry leaders who seek to serve the needs of ministries and our parishioners. No date is set for training sessions, but we anticipate that either or both will take place in early Fall 2020 over ZOOM.

Details are subject to survey results and will be announced soon following the feedback of surveys.


1. Training 1 – ZOOM Video Conferencing: How-To & the Basics

Are you considering using the ZOOM video conferencing program to reach out to others? Due to the nature of the novel COVID-19 Coronavirus, we are limited in how we meet in person. In light of seeking to ensure the safety of our community, many people are using alternative means to communicate and connect. In this training you will learn how to create a free ZOOM account, set up a meeting, and how to facilitate a video conference.

2. Training 2 – SOCIAL MEDIA: Helping Your Ministry Stay Connected to SCOS

Do you not use social media? Want to help others stay informed through our social media, app, and website? Scripture tells us that we are one body in Christ. During this time when many of us are not together in person, it is a wonderful opportunity to utilize digital forms of communication. Learn about each of our social media platforms, our website, and parish app.

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