You Helped To Do This (Recap of Amendment 4)

You Helped To Do This (Recap of Amendment 4)

by the Parish Justice Commission


Prior to the general election last year, your parish Justice Commission asked you to sign petitions to place an amendment on the ballot that would restore voting rights for felons who had satisfied their debt. More than 600 of you did so.

The amendment had enough signatures and was placed on the ballot and was approved by more than 60% of the voters.

The legislature has implemented the amendment, albeit with unnecessary restrictions, and ex offenders are now registering to vote.

In restoring the right to vote, you have committed an act of mercy, but also dignity and justice, in accord with the teachings of our Church.

According to the United States Bishops Conference: “Crime and corrections are at the intersection of rights and responsibilities. Those who commit crimes violate the rights of others and disregard their responsibilities. But the test for the rest of us is whether we will exercise our responsibility to hold the offender accountable without violating his or her basic rights. Even offenders should be treated with respect for their rights.”

Courageously Living the Gospel…Your Parish Justice Commission